Danny Holt’s Piano/Percussion Project places the pianist amid an array of percussion instruments, calling for acrobatic feats of multi-instrumentalism. Holt first had the idea of playing piano and percussion simultaneously while he was a fellow at the Bang on a Can Summer Music Institute in 2003. Trained as both a pianist and a percussionist, Holt had never combined both skills until a piece by Bang on a Can co-founder Michael Gordon asked for the pianist to play a bass drum with his foot while also playing keyboard. According to Holt, “It was like a light bulb appeared above my head! I started envisioning this elaborate setup of percussion instruments surrounding me at the piano. One idea led to another, and pretty quickly I had the basic concept worked out and began approaching composer friends of mine about this ‘crazy’ idea.” Since then, over 25 composers have contributed new works to the project, and new works are premiered every year.