solo piano

Whether it's a house concert, a short lunchtime recital, or an evening-length program, Danny Holt's solo piano concerts showcase his thoughtful and imaginative programming and his infectious enthusiasm for the music he performs. Audiences rave about his insightful and entertaining historical anecdotes that deepen the concert experience.

Danny Holt is the complete package. He has the talent, looks, charm, charisma and technical skills to be considered one of the finest musicians in Southern California. He truly understands music and enjoys performing to the delight of his audiences. What separates Danny from the rest is how he interacts with his audience. He shares fun and informative anecdotes about the composers, the music and his instrument. His choice of music is wide-ranging from “old music” as he calls it, to composers of today (new music). Within the “old music” category he often looks for obscure pieces by the Masters that are rarely performed. Aside from being a captivating performer, Danny is a passionate teacher, sharing his knowledge and skills with many. By all means go out of your way to witness this wonderful musician at work. You will not be disappointed.
— Mike Napoli, Performing Arts LIVE
Danny Holt is a performer with consummate musicianship and artistry. He presents concerts that showcase his creativity for programming and ability to delight an audience.
— Jim Gilliam, Director Encinitas Wednesdays @ Noon series
Danny Holt was born to play the piano. His style is decisive, powerful and soulful, even during the most serene moments...I’ve had the pleasure of featuring Danny several times on two series — Concert Hour and The Steinway Series. Each time the audience was spellbound and the performances were superb. Danny’s flawless sense of time and his jaw-dropping interpretation of rhythm and melody sent the audience to another dimension.
— Randy Hoffman, Palomar College
Danny Holt is the real deal. Music lives within him. He demands the best from himself, his audiences, and his students. In performance, the music leaps out of him. It’s passionate. It’s frenzied. It’s controlled. When he teaches, it’s the same. His students learn by diving into the music. And because Danny is Danny, he insists that they dive into the deep end, knowing that he’ll be with them all the way.
— Ted Walch, Kutler Center for Interdisciplinary Studies at Harvard-Westlake School



Obscure and neglected treasures by the famous W.A. Mozart, alongside works by his father (Leopold) and his son (Franz Xaver).

the "others"

Works by the lesser-known relatives of revered composers: C.P.E. Bach, Franz Xaver Mozart, Clara Wieck, and Fanny Hensel.


Holt's signature mixed programs delight and surprise audiences with unusual juxtapositions of the old and the new: A Brahms Intermezzo segues almost seamlessly into an explosive work by Charles Ives; Mozart sounds more baroque than Bach; early 20th century composers sound like Scott Joplin on steroids. A refreshing concert experience that leaves the audience inspired, entertained, and curious to hear even more.



An immersive mutimedia performance that explores the music of a group of eccentric, radical, “ultramodern” composers from the early 20th century: Charles Ives, Erik Satie, Henry Cowell, George Antheil, Ruth Crawford, Carl Ruggles, and Conlon Nancarrow.  Includes short films by Mareca Guthrie and a sound collage by Lewis Keller, plus biographical vignettes narrated by the late James Tenney.


Early 20th century repertoire by Copland, Villa-Lobos, Honegger, and Mosolov, representing musical inspirations from Mexico, Brasil, the Suisse-Romande, and Turkmenistan.